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Using EPIC

Using EPIC is easy. With EPIC, you can:

  • upload your medical credentials directly to ECFMG through a secure web portal
  • have those credentials verified using ECFMG’s rigorous and internationally respected verification process
  • store your verified credentials electronically in one secure location
  • send reports demonstrating the authenticity of your credentials to any evaluating organization anywhere in the world

Once you have established your EPIC Account and you have a valid EPIC Identification Form (EIF) on file, you can start building your portfolio of credentials.

You can add medical credentials to EPIC by uploading them through the “My Credentials” tab of your EPIC Account. For more information on the credentials you can add to your EPIC Portfolio, including definitions and document specifications, see Medical Credentials below.

As we receive your credentials, they will be primary-source verified using ECFMG’s rigorous, multi-step process—a process that has been used to verify more than 800,000 medical credentials over the last three decades. You will be able to monitor the status of your credentials verification through the “My Credentials” tab.

Once we have received verification of a credential, you will be able to send EPIC Reports demonstrating the authenticity of that credential to organizations around the world. These reports will be delivered electronically using our secure EPIC Report Portal, so the organizations receiving the reports will have the confidence of knowing they are coming directly from ECFMG. For more information, see EPIC Reports below.

There are fees associated with the services you request through EPIC. For more information on fees and payment, see Fees.

As an EPIC Account holder, you are also responsible for reading and becoming familiar with the ECFMG Policies and Procedures Regarding Irregular Behavior.

Last updated March 11, 2020