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How Organizations Can Use EPIC

It’s easy to take advantage of all that EPIC has to offer.

Make EPIC Part of Your Process

To get the most from EPIC, make it part of your process for evaluating your physician applicants. By requiring that your physician applicants use EPIC to demonstrate the authenticity of their medical credentials, you will gain the confidence of knowing that those credentials have been primary-source verified by ECFMG—at no cost to your organization.

Your applicants also benefit from EPIC. They get a reliable and easy-to-use method for demonstrating the authenticity of their credentials and, like you, they will enjoy the convenience and security of EPIC’s web-based process. After establishing their account, applicants upload their credentials to EPIC. ECFMG verifies the authenticity of these credentials directly with the issuing institution and electronically sends you verification reports on those credentials, as requested by the physician. For information on the fees physicians pay for using EPIC, visit the Fees page.

Access the EPIC Report Portal

Any physician who uses EPIC can request to send you an EPIC Report verifying the authenticity of his/her credentials. When an EPIC Report is sent to you, ECFMG will notify you. You can view reports, along with copies of the credentials, conveniently and securely through the EPIC Report Portal. Each report provides assurance that the credential has been primary-source verified by ECFMG.

EPIC offers you the flexibility to choose between two options for secure, electronic access to reports: the EPIC Report Portal Account and the One-time Use Portal. EPIC Reports are valid only if obtained through one of these secure reporting options, so you can have the confidence of knowing you are receiving the credentials and verifications directly from ECFMG.

EPIC Reports include:

  • the name, date of birth, and gender in the physician’s EPIC record
  • the physician’s EPIC ID
  • the physician’s name as it appears on the credential
  • a photo of the physician
  • the date the report was issued
  • the name, city, and country of the entity for which the report was generated, i.e., your organization’s information
  • the type of credential verified
  • the name and location of the institution that issued the credential

EPIC Reports are accompanied by:

  • a copy of the credential
  • an English translation of the credential provided by the physician (if the credential is not in English)

If you establish an EPIC Report Portal Account, you also get with each report:

  • a copy of the verification form completed by the verifying institution

EPIC Report Portal Account—Maximize Your Reporting Options
Establishing a free EPIC Report Portal Account with ECFMG offers your organization a number of important benefits.

Once your organization has established an account, you can provide access to this account to any number of authorized users at your organization. Users will be able to view, sort, and archive all of the reports sent to your organization, and your organization will have access to these reports for one year. Each report sent to your organization will include a copy of the credential as well as a copy of the verification form completed by the institution that verified the credential.

You also will have the option to allow physicians to request that your organization be notified when a credential has been sent for verification. This feature provides your organization with an indication of where a physician is in the primary-source verification process and which credentials the physician has submitted, even before the credentials have been verified.

Establish Your Report Portal Account Today

To establish an EPIC Report Portal Account, contact a member of EPIC Support Services at ECFMG today by sending e-mail to or by calling +1 (215) 966-3900, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time in the United States.

One-time Use Portal—Convenience When You Need It
If you choose not to establish an EPIC Report Portal Account, you can access your reports through a one-time-use version of the EPIC Report Portal. Follow the instructions in the notification e-mail for one-click access to the report, which will be available for 60 days. You can also print or download a copy of the report.

Last updated January 10, 2018