EPIC is a service for physicians that allows them to build an electronic portfolio of their credentials and to demonstrate the authenticity of their credentials by requesting verification reports for medical regulatory authorities (MRAs), medical education and training programs, hospitals, and other entities. Physicians initiate EPIC transactions and pay for those transactions as they make them.

MRAs and other entities are recipients of the credentials and verification reports that physicians have requested. These organizations use EPIC at no cost to access the physician-requested credentials and reports.


Establish an EPIC Account $75
Add a Credential to Portfolio $75 per credential


 Credentials already verified by ECFMG? You don’t need to pay this fee!

If you have had any of the following credentials primary-source verified by ECFMG, you don’t need to pay the $75 fee to add that credential to EPIC:

  • Final Medical Diploma
  • Alternate Graduation Document
  • Final Medical School Transcript
  • Student Medical School Transcript
  • Postgraduate Medical Education Credential
  • Certificate of Medical Registration
  • License to Practice Medicine

You may have had a credential primary-source verified by ECFMG if you applied for ECFMG Certification or if you used the ECFMG International Credentials Services (EICS). If you have had credentials verified by ECFMG, be sure to provide your ECFMG/USMLE ID Number and/or your EICS ID when you establish your EPIC account.

Request to Send Report Verifying the
Authenticity of a Credential
$15 per credential


 Important Notes:

  • It may be possible for ECFMG to send a physician’s credential to the issuing institution by courier to expedite verification, at the physician’s request. The cost to the physician for this optional service is an additional $15 per credential for credentials issued by institutions in the United States, and an additional $30 per credential for credentials issued by institutions outside the United States.
  • When a physician adds a credential to his/her EPIC portfolio, ECFMG will request verification of its authenticity directly from the institution that issued it. Some institutions charge a fee to verify credentials. The physician is responsible for these fees. If an institution charges such a fee, ECFMG will notify the physician to contact the institution directly regarding the fee and the method of payment.
  • All fees charged by ECFMG EPIC are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.

MRAs and Other Entities

There are two options for accessing credentials and verification reports:

Establish an EPIC Report Portal Account FREE

When a physician requests an EPIC report for your organization, you will get secure, web-based access to:

The EPIC Report Portal Account also includes:

Receive an EPIC One-Time Use Report FREE

When a physician requests an EPIC report for your organization, you will get secure, web-based access to:

The one-time use report provides you with access to the report for 60 days.


Full payment is due at the time you submit your request for service. You can pay on-line through EPIC by:

Once you have requested and paid for a service through EPIC, you cannot cancel that service and obtain a refund. If EPIC staff determine that your request for service cannot be processed, you will be notified that your request cannot be processed, and any payment received with that request will be credited to your EPIC financial account. If applicable, you can resubmit your request for service.

Funds credited to your EPIC account will be available for a period of two years to pay for service requests. The two-year period is calculated from the date that the original service request was made and payment received. Any funds not used during a two-year period will be forfeited to ECFMG; this means that you will lose those funds. A refund request should be made to claim any funds that will not be used prior to the expiration of the two-year period. Contact us for more information.

You can check the status of your account, including dates on which payments were made to your account, using EPIC.

 Important Note:

If you have a USMLE/ECFMG identification number and a previous service history with ECFMG (for example, if you applied to ECFMG for Certification or USMLE examination), your ECFMG Financial Account will be linked to your EPIC account at the time it is established. If you owe money to ECFMG at the time that you submit a request for an EPIC account, your request will be processed and your EPIC account will be established. However, if you submit a request for any other EPIC service, you will be required to pay the balance owed to ECFMG in addition to the appropriate EPIC fee.