Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials

About EPIC

ECFMG’s Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) is a powerful and innovative tool for the world’s physicians and the organizations responsible for evaluating their medical credentials.

For physicians, EPIC is an innovative way to build a digital career portfolio of the credentials related to their medical education, training, and registration/licensure. They can upload credentials, have those credentials primary-source verified, and request reports verifying the authenticity of those credentials for any organization, anywhere in the world.

If you are a physician, EPIC provides:

  • the confidence of knowing potential employers and licensing authorities will receive authentication of your credentials based on ECFMG’s decades of experience
  • the security and simplicity of storing your verified credentials electronically in one location
  • the convenience of being able to demonstrate the authenticity of your credentials electronically to organizations worldwide
  • the ability to begin building your portfolio now, before you need it
  • a resource that is affordable, accessible, portable, and easy to use

For the organizations that register/license, train, educate, and employ physicians, EPIC is a powerful tool in their mission to protect the public. These organizations can use EPIC to obtain primary-source verification of the authenticity of their applicants’ credentials—the best protection against fraudulent credentials—at no cost.

If you belong to a medical licensing authority, residency or fellowship program, medical school, hospital, or other organization that evaluates physicians, EPIC provides:

  • the confidence of knowing the authenticity of a physician’s credentials has been verified using ECFMG’s rigorous and internationally respected primary-source verification process
  • the security of receiving those verifications directly from ECFMG
  • the ability to assure your constituents, members, clients, and the public that your vetting process is world-class; in short, that you are employing a best practice
  • a resource that is free, convenient, and efficient

Explore this website to learn more about how physicians and medical regulatory authorities (MRAs) and other organizations can use EPIC, or contact us to discuss how EPIC can meet your needs.